Rachel and Zia the tigress

I graduated as a veterinary surgeon with merit from Edinburgh University in 1997, gaining a first class honours degree in Pathological Sciences along the way. I started in small animal practice in Sussex after a short period travelling. My interest in dentistry was generated by an unfortunate lack of training in dentistry at University. The situation is slowly changing, helped by several veterinary dentists and assistance from the British Veterinary Dental Association (BVDA).  I initially participated in post-graduate training courses run by the BVDA, and from there my interest was hooked. In 2009 I finished a 4–part training programme organised by the European School of Advanced Veterinary Studies (ESAVS) on Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery. In 2010 I limited my practice to small animal dentistry and oral surgery, and have been in this field exclusively since then. In 2012 I achieved membership by examination into the prestigious Dentistry Chapter of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists demonstrating expertise and competence in this field. This enabled me to apply for RCVS Advanced Practitioner status, which I achieved in 2015. In 2016 I passed the European Veterinary Dentistry College board examinations, becoming a board-certified European Diplomate in Veterinary Dentistry.

Dentistry is such a rewarding area for a Veterinary Surgeon to take a professional interest in, as we can make big, positive and immediate changes to our patients’ health and well-being.  Many dental diseases can also be prevented. I am committed to educating both pet owners about their pets’ oral health, and also veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses, about new techniques, best practice,  materials and equipment.

I have publsihed original research articles, review articles, text-book chapters and presented nationally and internationally.

When  I do find a spare moment, I enjoy training for and competing in triathlons. I have completed four Ironman competitions, including the extremely challenging Ironman Lanzarote. I am also a British Triathlon level 2 coach, regularly volunteering my time at Brighton Tri Club. I have two cats named Eric and Elliot.

I am always happy to talk teeth, and give advice on any aspects of veterinary dentistry. If I don’t know the answer to a question, I probably know someone who does!

Finishing Ironman UK 2009
Eric and the toothbrush

I have two cats named Eric and Elliot. Eric loves his teeth being brushed.


Elliot turns into an octopus, and doesn't understand the health benefits. So we think of other ways to maintain his oral health.

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